What to Expect from the Program

Our responders have been through many hours of Distress Centres training and are selected based on several criteria: interpersonal skills, empathetic understanding, rapport building, emotional maturity, personal adjustment, competence, and dedication.  They demonstrate patience when supporting those who are alone in the world and who need someone to listen to their life stories. Many callers feel vulnerable and are afraid to leave their homes.  Our care providers get to know whom they are supporting by using active listening and building a safe relationship--one built on loyalty and trust. Many senior callers say that what they love most about the care offered is that they feel heard.

Each case is evaluated and a call-out schedule developed with input from the participant.  The calls evolve into an emotional safety check-in or a reassurance that someone will call them to check on their well-being and guide them through an issue-specific problem-solving process.

Please click here for a copy of our Caller Reassurance brochure.