After a Suicide Attempt: A Guide for Family and Friends

This guide is to help you when someone you care about has made a suicide attempt or demonstrated other suicidal behaviours. It provides: 
  • Information on what will happen at the hospital, your loved one's rights, and your rights.
  • An understanding of what is happening for someone struggling with thoughts of suicide.
  • Tips on how you can help and support someone who is struggling.
  • Ways to take care of yourself during this difficult time.
  • A list of resources and references.
Suicidal behaviour can be very distressing for both the person at risk and those who care about them. It is important to remember that people not only get through these experiences, but that there can also be positive changes. Crises often lead to growth, increased self understanding and awareness, and the discovery of new and more effective ways of coping. In the midst of the chaos, fear and upheaval, compassion toward ourselves and those in distress gives us hope and builds resilience. 
Remember that there is help and you will get through this. You are not alone.