Bereavement After Suicide Disentangling Clues to Better Help Bereaved Adolescents

The suicide of a friend or a relative can have a profound, debilitating, and potentially long-lasting impact on the bereaved adults as well as adolescents. However, aspects of the impact, such as the grief experience, mental health, at-risk behaviors, and suicidal behavior, may be expressed differently over time. Despite its potentially life-changing impact, grief is not a disease . It is the psychological and behavioral reaction to the loss of a significant other. Grief experiences can be both traumatic and benign.

But what factors play a role in the impact of the loss and the process of adaptation after the loss? While most research has focused on adult populations, this editorial identifies major issues to enable better understanding of the impact and adaptation after the loss among adolescents and to better address the means of supporting bereaved young people.

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