Position Statement: Supporting Suicide Attempt Survivors.

Many different voices and perspectives are involved in the prevention of suicide and suicide attempts. These include those who have survived a suicide attempt; family and friends of survivors or loved ones lost to suicide; researchers; policy-makers; clinicians from different backgrounds such as psychiatry, social work, counselling and psychology; teachers; work colleagues; emergency personnel and first responders; clergy and youth workers; as well as concerned members of the public. Each group uses a different language and method to describe and explain suicidal behaviours. At times, these languages and methods are incompatible. For example, while good science and statistics are necessary to understand suicidal behaviours and provide appropriate care, many suicide attempt survivors feel alienated by statistical descriptions and feel that their intense pain cannot simply be reduced to a number. Furthermore, each profession has its own terminology which, at times, is incomprehensible to other parties. This position statement attempts to speak to all those involved in suicide prevention.