Suicide rates: An overview

Suicide is a major cause of premature and preventable death. It is estimated that, in 2009 alone, there were about 100,000 years of potential life lost to Canadians under the age of 75 as a result of suicides. Research shows that mental illness is the most important risk factor for suicide; and that more than 90% of people who commit suicide have a mental or addictive disorder.  Depression is the most common illness among those who die from suicide, with approximately 60% suffering from this condition. No singledeterminant, including mental illness, is enough on its own to cause a suicide. Rather, suicide typically results from the interaction of many factors, for example: mental illness, marital breakdown, financial hardship, deteriorating physical health, a major loss, or a lack of social support.  This article presents the latest statistics onsuicide, looking primarily at trends and variations by sex, age and marital status. The main source of data is the Canadian Vital
Statistics Death Database.