Suicide Research Prioritization Plan of Action

This plan of action table outlines the connections between the Key Questions, Aspirational Goals, research Pathways, Short-term Objectives and Long-term Objectives, which are discussed in A Prioritized Research Agenda for Suicide Prevention: A Plan of Action to Save Lives. Each Key Question relates to one or more of the Aspirational Goals. Under each Key Question, there are a number of Research Pathways and three Short-term Objectives and three Long-term Objectives. Multiple Research Pathways may lead to the achievement of a Short- or Long-term Objective. Below, each Research Pathway is only listed once; however, a Short-term or Long-term Objective may be listed more than once depending on the Research Pathways tied to their achievement. Each Short-term and Long-term Objective is bolded in its first mention in the table and not bolded in any instance after that.