Survivor of Homicide Loss Support

The aftermath of a sudden violent death creates circumstances for survivors that are traumatic, beyond the realm of the "normal" grief experience and isolating from the usual support networks. Homicide survivors are confronted with not only intense emotions but also with the intrusive presence of media and the criminal justice system. Often, the grieving process is interrupted by an ongoing investigation process and the disclosure of new information. For some survivors, moving on in the absence of any resolution feels like an insurmountable barrier.

Due to the identified need for homicide survivors to receive sensitive and meaningful support around their unique issues and concerns, the Survivor Support Program has adapted its outreach specifically to meet the needs of those bereaved by homicide. 

Participation in the program is free.  People can contact the program at any time after their loss.  For more information or self-referral please contact Alex Shendelman at 416-595-1716 or by email at