Survivor of Suicide Loss Support

The question that incessantly arises is: Why — could we, could I, have prevented it from happening? That question goes on and on, but there are other questions: How do we, the survivors, go on? How do we live beyond that death which looms so large in our lives?


These are just a few of the questions that suicide loss survivors ask.  Survivors question many things, including how this could have happened, is there a future, do they deserve to live?  Every survivor's answers to these questions will be different and personal.  The Survivor Support Program offers a safe place for you to explore those questions.  As a result of the unique nature of suicide bereavement, and the shared value of connection and peer support, our program offers both individualized and group meetings.

Participation in the program is free.  People can contact the program at any time after their loss.  For more information or self-referral please contact Alex Shendelman at 416-595-1716 or by email at