Survivor Support Volunteering

We offer an adult-oriented support service for those who have experienced a death by suicide and/or homicide. Our volunteers create a semi-structured, safe place in which survivors can identify, explore and clarify their thoughts and feelings. By helping individuals define their situations and acknowledge their emotions, the support process leads survivors to a consideration of what normal grieving is under these circumstances, the meaning of the death, and a sense of how they can manage.

Potential volunteers will be subject to an intensive screening and training process prior to being accepted into the program.

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Please note that Survivor Support Program volunteer training happens twice a year, in the spring and the fall.


Why I volunteer

My first exposure to the Survivor Support Program was as a participant. I decided to volunteer as a way to honour the memory of my brother and as a way to help others cope with their loss. The grief from suicide is painful and overwhelming, and I continue to be amazed at the healing effects of sharing and support that this program offers.