Talent Management Strategy for Existing Volunteers

Opportunities to support your skill development and leadership potential 

A key benefit of volunteering at Distress Centres is the opportunity to advance to other volunteer positions within the agency and gain additional skills and experience.  Our commitment to volunteerism is reflected in the wide range of opportunities to get involved at different levels within the organization, fundraising, special projects, as well as specialized support programs. 

We know that you are passionate about helping others and giving back to your community! 

Have you discovered additional passions and interests while volunteering with us on our help lines?

Have you developed and demonstrated the necessary skills and experience for additional opportunities?

After six months of honouring your commitment on our help lines, you are welcome to apply to other opportunities for advancement.   If you meet the eligibility requirements and you are looking for an additional challenges, feel free to apply.  Opportunities will be posted as they become available.

Here’s a sampling of other ways to get involved at Distress Centres:


Crisis Link


Survivor Support Program

Caller Reassurance Program


Fundraising Events


Volunteer Advisory Committee


Board of Directors

Board Members

Board Committees