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3rd Daniel Dacosta Memorial Baseball Tournament

For a 3rd year, Monika and Carlos Dacosta will be hosting a fundraiser for Distress Centres of Greater Toronto:

“We are organizing the 3rd Daniel Dacosta Memorial Baseball Tournament to bring together friends and family to remember Daniel, and do what Daniel loved to do, play and watch baseball.

Daniel left us way too soon, struggling quietly with anxiety and depression without letting anyone in, without accepting help, while at the same time he was assisting others. We would like to bring attention to the issues of mental health, the pressures youth face in dealing with it, but also to provide opportunities to connect, and bring resources to the forefront to make sure everyone finds a place or person they can connect with and find the help they need through this event.

Depression and anxiety are treatable diseases. We should not be losing young lives to these terrible diseases. There is hope and a bright future for every single person. By working together we can make this a reality.

Please donate to support the work of the Distress Centres. They have been an invaluable resource to us, rebuilding our life after Daniel's passing. The Distress Centres works with those left behind after a suicide, and they also offer resources to individuals struggling with issues and thinking of ending their life.

Please help us make a better future for all of us.”

Monika and Carlos Dacosta

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