Distress Line: Success Stories


Talking to one of you over the phone lifted weight off of me when I was feeling lonely and like I was losing who I was. Having someone truly listen gave me energy and strength to see how doing some things to take care of myself better is possible, and it is not all so overwhelming. I am completing a Bachelor of Social Work and have been accepted into a Master of Social Work program. I have been feeling the effects of giving too much without debriefing and re-energizing, and was hurting a lot when I called you at Distress Centres. I know that the work I do can give energy and strength to others, just like you gave to me. I appreciate the anonymity, though I wish I could praise and give credit to the counsellor who I spoke to. She was excellent, thanks to your thoughtful, amazing training, I’m sure. Thank you and take care of yourself by talking to each other (as the counsellor on the phone suggested).

A peer and service user