Each year, 500+ riders on sport bikes, cruisers, tourers, choppers, customs, scooters, trikes and rat bikes come out on the last Sunday in May for B.A.D. Ride in support of Distress Centres. We hope you’ll consider joining us!

B.A.D. Ride 21 is on Sunday, May 27th, 2018. It kicks off at Markham Fairgrounds, weaves through Ontario backroads with a suggested route designed by motorcycle enthusiasts, has a midway stop, and returns to an after-party where registered riders will enjoy a BBQ lunch, live entertainment, swag, contests, exhibitions, a silent auction, give-aways, VIP upgrades and the opportunity to win this year’s grand prize - a 2018 Harley-Davidson Softail® Street Bob®!

Our Vision is to ensure that every individual in need receives life-sustaining emotional support.


For 50 years, Distress Centres has provided 24-hour support, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to individuals in our community at risk and their most vulnerable. We are Canada’s oldest volunteer delivered crisis, emotional support and suicide prevention + intervention + postvention service agency.

Our crisis and emotional distress services are available via hotline, online chat, and text. We also offer face-to-face individual as well as group support and counselling to those who have lost a loved one to suicide or homicide and are navigating the aftermath.

100% of the monies raised by B.A.D. Ride participants will continue to support ongoing services and new initiatives provided by Distress Centres that build both individual and community resiliency.


2018 Harley-Davidson Softail® Street Bob®

Every participant gets a chance to win the Grand Prize! Riders and passengers must raise or donate a minimum of $75 each to be entered to win. The more you raise, the closer you might get to parking the Grand Prize in your garage!

ticket DETAILS

  • Registration fee (donated or fundraised) $75
    • 2x grand prize tickets
  • Register before April 15th, 2018
    • Double your grand prize tickets!
  • Each $100 raised or donated after registering
    • 1 additional grand prize ticket
  • Each $1000 raised or donated after registering
    • 5 additional grand prize tickets

We'll be at each of the below motorcycle shows with our B.A.D. Ride 21 details. Stop by and say, "Hello"! We'd love to see you, and we're here to answer any questions you might have about the event. Our team will have B.A.D. Ride T-Shirts, pins and bracelets available. All donations will go directly to Distress Centres services for individuals in the community at risk and their most vulnerable.



International Centre
(6900 Airport Road, Toronto, ON)



Enercare Centre
100 Princes' Blvd #1



International Centre
(6900 Airport Road, Toronto, ON)


You can register online by clicking the below button and creating your personal fundraising page. Once you have donated of fundraised $75 you will automatically be registered for B.A.D. Ride 21! 

Pre-register by April 15th, 2018 & double your grand prize tickets!

Important note: All online donations will appear immediately on your fundraising page. If you are also collecting donations via pledge forms - We will add the donations from your pledge forms to your online fundraising page once we have received them via mail.




If you are a B.A.D. Rider without a passenger & not part of a group/team - Please register as an individual.


If you are a B.A.D. Rider with a passenger - Please have your first team member or rider signup by clicking on the team button. This is allow you to set up your team and then your personal page. Your passenger can then register as part of your team by registering as an individual and then going to your team page & clicking "join this team". This will allow for your profiles will be grouped together and your donations will go towards your team's donation total.


If you are a B.A.D. Rider who is part of a group/team - Please have your first team member or rider signup by clicking on the team button. This is allow you to set up your team and then your personal page. Each team member can then register as part of your team by registering as an individual and then going to your team page & clicking "join this team". This will allow for your profiles will be grouped together and your donations will go towards your team's donation total.



To register by mail you will need to send in the below registration form and/or pledge forms with a post-marked date of May 19th, 2018. 

Register before April 15th, 2018 & receive DOUBLE the grand prize tickets for this year’s grand prize – A redesigned 2018 Harley-Davidson Softail Soft Bob with ABS package! 

You can register by mail by sending the below registration form alongside your registration fee of $75 to: Distress Centres c/o B.A.D. Ride 21, Box 243, Adelaide P.O., Toronto, ON., M5C 2J4. Additional pledge forms can be sent at a later date if you're pre-registering!

Please remember: All mailed pledge forms must have a registration form accompanying them that is inclusive of your (the fundraiser’s) details regardless of being registered online – This ensures all of your pledges are allocated to you.



PDF Version


If you are not partaking in the fundraising component of B.A.D. Ride 21, you can still register! All that's needed is for you to let us know by filling out the below form. 

Please note: Pre-register by April 15th, 2018 & double your grand prize tickets!

Name *

Every B.A.D. Ride collection tee purchased helps to support Distress Centres and the meaningful work that we do to help individuals at risk and their most vulnerable in the community. Your generosity allows us to continue life-sustaining work.

  • $35 provides 1/2 hour of crisis line service
  • $70 provides 1 hour of crisis line service
  • $100 trains 1 crisis line responder or suicide loss/homicide loss grief facilitator
  • $1320 provides 1 day of crisis line service


Name *



How do I register?

See above in the "registration" section!

Do all passengers/guests have to register?

All passengers/guests are welcome & do not need to register. However; without registering they will not be able to eat and participate in activities or receive a meal ticket. When a passenger or guest registers they will receive all the same great stuff the rider does, including T-shirt, bandana and a ticket for the grand prize draw!

What if I miss registration & want to register the day of the ride?

No problem! You can register on May 27th, 2018 between 8:00 a.m. - 9:45 a.m. at the Registration Desk at Markham Fairgrounds.


The Event

Can I join the fun if I don't have a motorcylce? 

Yes. Anyone raising $75.00 or more can participate in all of the activities of The B.A.D. Ride, including the draw for the Grand Prize! There is parking for other motor vehicles at both the start and end venues and we'd love to have you join us!

Can I bring my children with me? 

Registered children are most welcome at the event! Please note that no special arrangements have been made for children who attend and their safety is the responsibility of their parents or guardians. There is no reduced children’s admission fee. The cost of registering a child is $75, and he/she is entitled to all of the food, gifts and draw tickets provided to adult participants.

When does the event end?

The event ends at the destination point, the Markham Fairgrounds, and will wind down just after 4:00 p.m.

Will alcohol be served at the event? 

No, alcohol will not be served or permitted at the activities associated with the Ride grounds at the end venue. It's important to us that all riders do not drink & ride out of concern for each of your safety.



How can I send in early funds? 

We suggest directing your donors to your personal fundraising page. It allows them to make a donation online & will make your experience as seamless as possible. If you'd like to send in cheques or cash or mastercard/visa details to Distress Centres, you may send in your funds raised & pledge forms to the following address:

Distress Centres
Box 243, Adelaide P.O. 
Toronto, ON M5C 2J4

Will each donor receive a tax receipt? 

Online donations will receive an immediate electronic tax receipt. Distress Centres will mail an official charitable donation tax receipt for all other donations of $20.00 or more. It is important that each pledge form be fully completed. Please also ensure that all names and addresses are NEATLY PRINTED so that the receipts can be properly processed and mailed to the correct recipients.

Will I, as the rider, receive a tax receipt? 

Only if you personally have donated $20.00 or more. The individual who actually makes the financial donation is the one who get the official tax receipt.


The Ride

What happens to the ride if it rains?

The will take place rain or shine. We have plenty of covered vroom! There are indoor facilities at the Markham Fairgrounds that can contain all of the activities. Feel free to come to the party even if you are not going to ride.

How long will the ride take?

The suggested route will take a leisurely 3 hours or so to complete.

Is it possible to register after 9:45am on the day of the ride?

Yes. Registration will be open at Markham Fairgrounds (the official start) until 9:45 a.m. and there will also be a registration booth at the destination point, the Markham Fairgrounds, from 1:15 p.m. until the event is officially over.

How will I know the route if I miss the 9:45am start?

The suggested route will be supplied at registration. There will be extra copies of the route available until 10:30 a.m. for late arrivals. The route is fully marked with directional signs.

Must I take the entire suggested route, or can I take one of my own?

You can take any route you want, including parts of the signed B.A.D. Ride route, to the Markham Fairgrounds. Please keep in mind, if you do not leave from the start venue, the registration at the end venue destination will not be open until 1:15 p.m.


The Prizes

Do I have to be there to win the grand prize? 

You sure do!

When will the grand prize winner be drawn?

The grand prize draw is scheduled to begin just after 4:00 p.m. at the destination venue, the Markham Fairgrounds

How can I increase my chances of winning?

Fundraise! The more donations, the greater the number of draw tickets! 

Who is eligible to win?

All Eligible registered riders and passengers / guests must be present at the time of any draws. The announced Grand Prize ticket must be presented by an eligible person as defined below to the authorized B.A.D. Ride official conducting the draw after the ticket is drawn and the number is announced AND BEFORE another Grand Prize ticket is drawn. The following people are not eligible to win the Grand Prize: Distress Centres' current directors, officers and employees, B.A.D. Ride team members (including persons who were team members within the last three years) and B.A.D. Ride current sponsors (and their representatives), their respective immediate families (parents, children, siblings and spouse) and any person living in the same household with any of those individuals (whether related or not). The Executive Director of Distress Centres shall apply the eligibility criteria above to decide whether the individual presenting the announced Grand Prize ticket is eligible to win the Grand Prize. The Executive Director's decision is conclusive, final and binding for all purposes.

Can I pick up my prize at a later date if I can't take it home the day of the ride?

An alternate pick-up site with convenient access dates/times will be arranged for larger items that cannot be transported by motorcycle on the day of the ride. We'd be happy to help!