In 2017, Crisis Services Canada (CSC) launched the Canada Suicide Prevention Service (CSPS). CSC is a collaboration of non-profit distress and crisis service centres from across Canada. All centres contribute to offering a nationally available, regionally delivered service to anyone thinking about or affected by suicide. CSPS is available 24/7, via toll-free phone, text or chat.

Distress Centres is a pilot site for the Canadian Suicide Prevention Service. Our Executive Director, Alison Caird, also serves as the President of the Board of Directors for Crisis Services Canada.



Canadian Suicide Prevention Service Approach


This service is available across Canada via toll-free phone, chat or text in English and French. This means anyone in Canada that is thinking about, is or has been affected by suicide, can reach out across a variety of media, and feel supported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



Anyone can have suicidal thoughts for a number of reasons. CSPS offers a barrier free, non-judgmental space with supportive and responsive staff. We’re here so anyone thinking about suicide feels comfortable enough to reach out for support.


Stronger Together:

As a nationally available, regionally delivered service, CSPS provides anyone in Canada thinking of, or affected by suicide with reliable and innovative support. We use our collective strengths, local knowledge, resources, and technology to support the needs of all people in Canada. Our highly trained, committed and capable responders leverage our unique Canadian culture, attitudes and values, providing a network of support from coast to coast.


Become a volunteer responder

If you have ever wanted to contribute to the community in a meaningful way, volunteering at Distress Centres has a wealth of opportunities.

Under the supervision of professional staff, all volunteers are carefully screened and fully trained prior to taking calls or working with callers, program participants or survivors of loss.

Volunteers also receive ongoing professional support and in-service education sessions.


Community Outreach

Distress Centres leadership and volunteers have a wealth of knowledge and in-depth personal stories that provide insights which are relevant on a variety of mental health, risk and crisis support, suicide prevention/postvention topics. 

Our team offers information, skills training, speakers and consultation on request. We provide information packages and custom workshops.

On-site facilitation is also available to agencies, residents and other groups.


If you are in crisis, feeling suicidal or need emotional support Please call our 408-HELP line now at 416-408-4357.

If this is an emergency - Please call 911.


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