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Distress Centres is incredibly grateful to each of our corporate partners. All corporate partnerships help to create a safety net for those who are at-risk and at their most vulnerable within our community by providing life-sustaining support. 

There are a variety of ways that your organization can work with Distress Centres. You can give annually, through in-kind product or service donation or by program or project. Employee engagement strategies or gift matching are also a great opportunities to boost employee morale and company appreciation. 

Distress Centres is highly committed to ensuring that each partnership is customized to meet your organizational needs and resources. It's essential to us that you, and your team feel that your investment is mutually beneficial. We will provide progress and outcome reporting for internal and external sharing as you see fit. We can also arrange field trips or visits for employees that are interested in Distress Centres. 

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Find out how to sponsor our Annual Survivors of Suicide Loss Conference and other high-exposure events across the GTA

Donate Online

You can donate now through our secure online giving form below.

Program or Project Support

Your organization can directly support specific programs or projects by working with Distress Centres to identify which best aligns to your mission or values. We also have the ability to build net-new customized programs and projects (that align to our mission and support our community).  

Please connect with Alex via email at to discuss annual support opportunities.


Cause-Related Marketing

Statistics don't lie - Customers are more inclined to purchase when there is a charitable component to a product or service. Cause-related marketing is an incredible way to strengthen your customers' loyalty while giving back to the Canadians.

Curious about how consumers view charitable partnership and cause-marketing? Here are some recent cause-marketing statistics (via Ipsos): 

  • 95% of Canadian consumers agree that companies supporting good causes is a good idea

  • 84% of Canadian consumers claim they would switch brands to the one affiliated with a good cause if price and quality were similar

  • 45% of Canadian consumers consider themselves loyal to brands that support good causes

  • 39% of Canadian consumers say that a company's affiliation with good causes is "extremely important/important" to them when making purchase decisions

  • 61% of Canadians have a high level of interest in the actual impact made. When asked how they want to find out about the impact, the top four results were on packaging (43%), at the shelf (38%), on TV (35%) and at the checkout (32%)

  • Nearly half of respondents (47%) cited "my budget at the time" as the reason they give, and 30% said because "the cause is personal to me"

Distress Centres is open to discussing a wide variety of cause-marketing initiatives. Please connect with Alex via email at to discuss annual support opportunities.



Corporate sponsorship is an effective way to generate media exposure, advertise your organization'scommitment to social responsibility, and build positive brand recognition from your consumer base. Distress Centres has a variety of sponsorship packages available. 

Please connect with Alex via email at to discuss sponsorship availability and potential investment.


Gift-Matching & Employee Engagement

According to a recent survey via Cone Communications on Employee Engagement, 74% of employees say their job is more fulfilling when they are provided with opportunities to make a positive impact at work. Many organizations are making the decision to match charitable contributions made by theiremployees either directly or via their corporate/employee foundations. 

Please connect with Alex via email at to discuss potential employee engagement and gift-matching opportunities.



To connect regarding a partnership opportunity please submit the partnership inquiry form to Talia by filling out the form below and including:

  • Specifics of your partnership (short summary, location, date and audience details)

  • The topic(s) you're interested in exploring together

  • Your contact information

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