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Our pledge – Expanded Reach and Breadth

For decades, Spectra Helpline (Peel) and Distress Centres (Toronto) have individually championed and executed our aligned missions of ensuring every individual in need of emotional support or crisis intervention has access to life-sustaining care delivered by highly-trained volunteers supported by professional staff.

After careful evaluation and thoughtful consideration, the boards of Spectra Helpline and Distress Centres unanimously voted to merge our respective organizations in an effort to enhance the breadth and expand the reach of the services that we provide individuals at risk and in their most vulnerable moments. With this powerful new relationship we will be able to increase our programming to both communities by offering the best services of both organizations.

Over the past year, you made a commitment to at-risk individuals through your donations, which enabled us to make a positive impact in communities across the GTA.  Thank you.

Your pledge – Enable long-lasting change

Both Spectra Helpline and Toronto Distress Centres have pledged to become Distress Centres of Greater Toronto and work together to further our life-sustaining mission, but we cannot do it without you! We are asking you to pledge your support over the coming by becoming a monthly donor. By giving monthly, you will change the lives of thousands of people in-need across the GTA.

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