Lifeline Alliance

This year we have launched our revamped monthly donor program, the Lifeline Alliance. Donors are a Lifeline for Distress Centres and this is why we have renamed our monthly donor program the Lifeline Alliance. Monthly donations allow donors to have the maximum impact and allow Distress Centres to meet both the ongoing and immedi­ate needs of our service.

Here are some examples of what a monthly donation can support at Distress Centres;

$10 a month allows us to support 35 indi­viduals through our 408-HELP Line.

$20 a month allow us to provide over 50 hours of training to a volunteer.

$30 a month allows us to keep our 9 phone lines running for 8 hours.

$40 a month provides 8 sessions of individual support through The Survivor Support Program. 

Join the Lifeline Alliance today, by clicking here.