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Whether dealing with a mental health issue, preventing or de-escalating a crisis situation, or relieving loneliness and isolation, we are here to support and listen whenever needed. Our Touching Base Program is delivered by our Brampton Branch and is a transitional support program for individuals 16+.

Our program is available for 3-6 months during client crisis or transition, (e.g. hospital to home, between services, etc.). We provide medication reminders, safety checks, and/or emotional support. We work together to reduce feelings of isolation, provide positive coping skills, encourage recovery, and keep people safe.

Our highly-trained volunteer responders provide phone support inclusive of but not limited to the below: 

• Transitioning – from hospital to home; between services; from crisis
• Coping - juggling work & family life, interpersonal relationships, personal time/interests
• Anxiety/Stress - impact of physical, mental, emotional and financial stress
• Depression/continued sadness
• Divorce – separation/dealing with conflicts
• Abuse – seniors/ men/ women – physical, mental, emotional
• Job loss – frustration/stress associated with unemployment or under-employment
• Isolation & Loneliness
• Loss & Grief
• Parenting
• Relationship Issues
• Acceptance and Support – “Coming out” issues (LGBTQ)


To register for our Touching Base Program please call:

Cantonese or Mandarin:289-569-1203
Portuguese or Spanish:289-569-1202
Hindi, Punjabi or Urdu:289-569-1204