Ever wanted to give back to your community in a meaningful and enriching way? Now is your chance. Volunteers are a vital part of Distress Centres. Every year, volunteers contribute more than 100,000 hours to our 24-hour distress and crisis lines, providing immediate access to help and support.

Under the supervision of professional staff, all volunteers are carefully screened and fully trained prior to taking calls or working with survivors. Volunteers also receive ongoing professional support and in-service education sessions. Experienced volunteers learn many life and communication skills which enable them to function more effectively in other aspects of their lives.

What some of the volunteers have said about their Distress Centres experience:

"I feel I have given something back to the community."

"I've improved my communication skills - it's helped me at work."

"I know what it's like to go through tough times, and now I have something to offer others."

"Helping others makes me feel good about myself."

We are actively recruiting volunteers now. Volunteer opportunities are available in the following areas:

Distress Line

Caller Reassurance Program for Seniors

ONTX Crisis Chat/Text

Survivor Support Program


Take our "Are You A Good Listener" quiz here to see if volunteering with Distress Centres is right for you